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Captain's Bonefish Puff

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The Bonefish Puff is a classic Bonefish Fly, which still remains one of the most effective Bonefish Flies to this day. The Bonefish Puff is a simple bonefish fly that imitates a small shrimp, crab or baitfish. The Bonefish Puff is a great fly for picky and skinny water Bonefish.

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Tarpon Bunny Purple-Pink

Tarpon Bunny Purple-Pink

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The Tarpon Bunny continues to be one of the best tarpon flies ever invented. There is much debate on what the Tarpon Bunny actually imitates. Some say it is a swimming crab, other thinks it looks like the Palolo worm. Whatever the tarpon think it is, they love it! The key to the Tarpon Bunny is the rabbit strip. Once wet, the rabbit stripe pulsates and ungulates in the water, driving the tarpon mad.

Flashback Caddis Pupa, Olive

Flashback Caddis Pupa, Olive

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The Olive Flashback Caddis Pupa is a Caddis pupal pattern designed to imitate the deep pupal stage of the caddis, with an impressionistic representation of the translucent air sac surrounding the insects body. The olive shade best represents the Rhyacophila Caddis species found most commonly in most Western waters. As Gary LaFontaine noted in his book Caddis Flies having a good deep pupal pattern to fish as along the bottom just before an evening caddis hatch can be the key to moving fish before they transition to the hatching insect. The Olive Flashback Caddis Pupa would be just such a pattern to have in your Caddis fly assortment.