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Eric's Clodhopper, Red

Item #: 615020480
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This Hopper pattern lands upright every single time and can seriously take a beating. If you want serious hopper action, Eric's Red Clodhopper is guaranteed to bring them to the surface.

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Hares Ear, Bead Head, Flash Back, Natural

Hares Ear, Bead Head, Flash Back, Natural

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The Bead Head Flashback Hare's Ear is one of the vital nymph patterns to have in your box. This fly will work on all most any water and will catch most freshwater fish. The hares ear dubbing gives this fly a buggy look that is irresistable to fish. The flash from the pearlescent wing case looks like a gas bubble on emerging insects and will stand out to the fish.

Leech, Egg Sucking, Black, Salmon Hook

Leech, Egg Sucking, Black, Salmon Hook

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The Black Egg Sucking Salmon Hook Leech is a creation that may not actually mimic a real phenomenon but does catch fish. The combination of neon color, a dark profile, and exceptional movement makes salmon and steelhead crazy.