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Electric Blue, Bead Head, Midge

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Midges are the primary food source and the fish suspended and waiting for food to come to them. The electric blue coloration is fantastic in off colored water, pulling fish out when nothing else seems to work

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Stonefly Nymph, Bead Head, Brown

Stonefly Nymph, Bead Head, Brown

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This weighted Brown Stone Fly Nymph gets down deep where you need it. It also works well when fished as a dropper below a big buoyant dry in the early season. Big fish especially in moderate to swift current often key on stoneflies as a primary food source.

Umpqua Special

Umpqua Special

Your price: $1.75

Fly fishers in the know are likely to carry this Umpqua Special pattern in their fly box. It is an effective change up when fish have refused other patterns.