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Black Bear, Green Butt

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The Green Butt Black Bear Fly is an effective and attractive traditional steelhead and salmon pattern. It is useful wherever fish chase darker swinging patterns.

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Prawn, Orange

Prawn, Orange

Your price: $1.75

Shrimp are not usually part of a salmon's diet once it moves into fresh water. Even so, the Orange Prawn Flies seem to trigger something in a fish's memory that makes it strike.

Sparkle Pupa Emerger, Gold

Sparkle Pupa Emerger, Gold

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The Gold Sparkle Pupa Emerger Fly is the result of closely observing hatching caddis flies in underwater environments. It is an unconventional but effective fish catcher. The antron case is supposed to imitate the gas bubbles used by hatching flies to propel them to the surface. Whether or not this is accurate trout seem to inhale this fly when caddis are hatching. It can be fished with a dead drift, twitched, or swung. Different colors and sizes allow the angler to match the local caddisflies.