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Catch's Copper K Copper TB

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If you want to catch fish…then you better have a pile of Catch's Copper K Copper TB with you. Catch's Copper K series take the traditional Copper John to a whole other level. Realistic, life-like....this fly simply catches fish. This baby is a smooth as a 24 year old scotch. This nymph rig means catching huge fish. We all know the big boys live down deep, where our beadheads in custom colors are going to find them and hook up.

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Callibaetis, CDC

Callibaetis, CDC

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Fly fishers on lakes and rivers with selective trout find that CDC Callibaetis Duns provide an ultra realistic slim mayfly shape. These flies are extremely effective hatch imitating dry flies when a standard hackled mayfly pattern seems to draw only refusals from gulpers and other rising trout.

Egg, Light Chartreuse

Egg, Light Chartreuse

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The Light Chartreuse Egg Fly is one of the most effective roe patters available. The color combination of this fly is great for catching fish in almost any water condition. This color is exceptional when the fish have been spawning for some time and they are seeing lighter colored eggs.