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Joe Gert

Item #: 615019711
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This Joe Gert Fly utilizes two colors proven to attract fish. This pattern works well for Steelhead and Salmon.

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Sculpin, Conehead, Brown (Tan)

Sculpin, Conehead, Brown (Tan)

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The Conehead Tan Sculpin mixes the realistic muddler shape with the strike inducing action of a rabbit strip tail. Multiple colors for all water and light conditions also make this a must have for every angler's fly box.

Elk Hair Caddis, Black

Elk Hair Caddis, Black

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Buoyant, visible, and fishy, the Black Elk Hair Caddis is one of those fishing flies every angler should have in a variety of sizes and colors. Some fly fishing guides and serious fly fishermen dedicate entire dry fly boxes to this one pattern. This is possibly the best caddis fly pattern for grayling and trout fishing around the world.