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Deep Baitfish Shad

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Deep Baitfish Shad is one of our best selling baitfish patterns. Use in fresh or salt wherever fish are feeding on baitfish. Largemouth, pike, musky, steelhead......and one of the best shad patterns of all time for stripers!

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Shrimp, Salt, Olive

Shrimp, Salt, Olive

Your price: $2.65

This Shrimp, Salt, Olive is a realistic shrimp pattern that is especially useful when fish have seen and refused several flashier patterns. It is effective on a variety of flats and mangrove species.

Captain's Bonefish Puff

Captain's Bonefish Puff

Your price: $2.50

The Bonefish Puff is a classic Bonefish Fly, which still remains one of the most effective Bonefish Flies to this day. The Bonefish Puff is a simple bonefish fly that imitates a small shrimp, crab or baitfish. The Bonefish Puff is a great fly for picky and skinny water Bonefish.