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San Juan Worm, Brown

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Immitating anything from an annelid to an earthworm, the Worm Brown San Juan Worm fly simply catches fish. It's much easier to handle and keep than "garden hackle" as well; no coffee can necessary.

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Mahogany, Spinner, Foam

Mahogany, Spinner, Foam

Your price: $1.50

Many fly fishermen know that the worst part of fishing a spinner fall can be determining which dot on the water is your fly. The Mahogany Foam Spinner is actually visible to the angler while providing the fish with nothing but a realistic spent mayfly silhouette.

Hopper, Extended Body, Deer Hair

Hopper, Extended Body, Deer Hair

Your price: $1.75

No angler should be without an ample selection of grasshopper flies and the Extended Body Hopper makes a great addition to any hopper collection. The realistic shape and hidden hook make this hopper pattern a real producer when the fish seem to be on to other less realistic attempts at hopper trickery.