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Marabou, Yellow-Orange

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The Marabou is a great addition to any fly, and a Yellow-Orange Marabou Fly is no exception. The marabou moves and pulsates giving this pattern a life like appearance that drives salmon and other species crazy.

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Prawn, Black

Prawn, Black

Your price: $1.75

Shrimp are not usually part of a salmon's diet once it moves into fresh water. Even so, the Black Prawn Flies seem to trigger something in a fish's memory that makes it strike.

Brassie, Bi-Color, Copper-Black

Brassie, Bi-Color, Copper-Black

Your price: $1.50

The Copper-Black Bi-Colored Brassie has a segmented look given by alternating wire colors and a slimmer dubbed head has made this fly even more realistic and fishy than its popular predecessor. Use this fly wherever midges are an important food item. Aggressive trout seem to prefer this heavier flashier fly to many other midge imitations.