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Humpy, Red

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Sometimes known by older fly anglers as a 'goofus bug' the Red Humpy is no doubt one of the finest of dry flies around. This fly fishing classic is very buoyant, colorful, and has the profile matching a variety of insects. The Humpy dry fly is a useful attractor pattern and seems to work exceptionally well for brook trout and grayling. This has the same hackle as the Humpy, Yellow.

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Lightning Bug, Gold

Lightning Bug, Gold

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This baby is solid gold! Or at least the fish act like it is. The Gold Lightning Bug is a very visible variation of the original shiny nymph that broke the mold. The Gold Lightning Bug works anytime a visible nymph is called for, but seem to especially excel when fished deep on bright sunny days.

Copper John Nymph, BH, Rubber Legs, Copper/Black

Copper John Nymph, BH, Rubber Legs, Copper/Black

Your price: $1.50

The Copper Body/Black Rubber Legged Copper John is a super effective pattern that has taken the fly fishing world by storm. This fly sinks quickly and is a great choice for deep nymphing or as a dropper off of your favorite attractor dry fly. Fish seem unable to resist the combination of color, flash, and realistic shape this fly offers. The addition of rubber legs creates added movement which makes this fly hugely successful. Most guides and serious anglers never enter the river without having several variations of this productive pattern.