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Surveyor Nymph, Rainbow, Tungsten Bead

Surveyor Nymph, Rainbow, Tungsten Bead

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The Surveyor Nymph is a RiverBum custom pattern designed by one of the best competitive anglers in the world and fished heavily in international competitions. We have found this to be one of our most successful attractor nymphs. The Surveyor's rainbow dubbing is specially designed with a blend of different colors to capture different shades of light and stand out in any fishing condition. This pattern works as a sow bug imitator and the extra weight of the tungsten bead makes this fly sink quickly. This once local favorite is now Surveying the world and taking many fish in the process.

Blue Winged Olive, Comparadun, Baetis/Olive

Blue Winged Olive, Comparadun, Baetis/Olive

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Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi introduced the Comparadun style of dry fly in the early 1970 and wrote about it in their manualHatches (and Hatches II ). The BWO Comparadun sits flush to the surface of the water with wings straight up, just like the natural. It drifts perfectly down the river enticing even the pickiest of trout.