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Hopper, Daves

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This is the classic spun deer hair hopper fly. Dave's Hopper Fly has a very realistic shape and good buoyancy. This pattern has been catching trout for years wherever terrestrials are likely to fall into the water.

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Mushmouth flies are popular saltwater flies for striped bass fishing. These Mushmouth-Yellow/White are tied with all synthetic materials but utilize a special technique developed by Dave Skok that gives them somewhat of a stiff backbone that prevents fouling. This versatile fly can also be used for freshwater bass, pike and musky.

Marabou, Black-Orange

Marabou, Black-Orange

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The Marabou is a great addition to any fly box. Our Black-Orange Marabou Fly is no exception. The marabou moves and pulsates giving this pattern a life like appearance that drives salmon and other species crazy.