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Flash Fly, Silver

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The Silver Flash Fly has quickly become a favorite pattern of Steelhead and Salmon fishing enthusiasts all over the world. Initially created as a Silver Salmon pattern this fly in a number of variations has shown it’s effectiveness with all types of fish. Rising through the pattern ranks this fly with its bright coloration is a proven fly that has become a must have in the fly boxes of many fly fishermen. Slip a few Silver Flash Fly patterns in your box and see what we mean.

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Marabou, Manhattan Beach

Marabou, Manhattan Beach

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This fly is a simple but effective pattern. The Manhattan Beach Fly really moves and has enough flash to aggravate fish into striking.

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp

Your price: $2.50

Enrico's Ghost Shrimp is an excellent modern design, and a perfect addition to any bonefish box. The sparkly fibers create a nice amount of reflection without being too "flashy" - an excellent trait for fishing in areas where fish have seen a lot of brighter flies. The Ghost Shrimp features a great-looking set of crustacean eyes which also form a weedguard - great for fishing areas with snags. The larger size (#2) of this fly can also serve quite well for redfish, seatrout, and other estuary dwellers.