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Eric's Clodhopper, Pink

Item #: 615020469
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This Hopper pattern lands upright every single time and can seriously take a beating. If you want serious hopper action, Eric's Pink Clodhopper is guaranteed to bring them to the surface.

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Green Drake, Parachute

Green Drake, Parachute

Your price: $1.50

This Parachute Green Drake dry fly is very visible to the fly fisher and very realistic to rising trout. It closely resembles a hatching Green Drake Duns and lands upright more often than some other traditionally hackled trout fly patterns. Big fish key on Green Drakes and the visibility of this fly lets the angler cast it into nearly any type of water where the big boys might be lurking.

Hemingway Caddis

Hemingway Caddis

Your price: $1.25

Fly fishermen consider the Hemingway Caddis Fly to be the classic sedge fly pattern. Your dad may have had one of these great fishing flies his trout fly collection. The Hemingway Caddis has a low and realistic caddisfly profile and is effective for fly fishing to rising trout in flat water sections or spring creeks.