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Eric's Clodhopper, Peach

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This Hopper pattern lands upright every single time and can seriously take a beating. If you want serious hopper action, Eric's Peach Clodhopper is guaranteed to bring them to the surface.

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Micro Mayfly Nymph, Brown

Micro Mayfly Nymph, Brown

Your price: $1.65

The Brown Micro Mayfly Nymph is a very effective nymph fly for spring creek and tailwater fly fishing. The brown version is a useful PMD and baetis mayfly imitation when trout get a bit picky and look for deep drifting may flies.

Stimulator, Yellow

Stimulator, Yellow

Your price: $1.85

Designed to imitate a stonefly, hopper, or caddisfly, the Yellow Stimulator has proven itself to work in a variety of dry fly fishing situations and demand a spot in every trout fishing fly box. Hollow hair and ample hackle allows this fish fly to ride high and even hold a fairly heavy dropper fly. Whether tossing it during a stonefly hatch or using it as an attractor fly this pattern is always worth several casts.