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Sculpin, Woolhead, Olive

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The Olive Woolhead Sculpin mixes the realistic muddler shape with the strike inducing action of a rabbit strip tail. Multiple colors for all water and light conditions also make this a must have for every angler's fly box.

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Sea-Ducer, White-Red

Sea-Ducer, White-Red

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An excellent big fish fly, the Sea-ducer is effective when big gamefish are willing to strike a suggestive rather than realistic pattern. The Sea-Ducer has been around for years and will continue to catch aggressive fish around the world.

Diver, Deer Hair, Black

Diver, Deer Hair, Black

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The Black Deer Hair Diver is fly fishing's version of a diving bass plug, and can be even more fun to fish. This proven bass fly has the critical components in enticing bass; with just the right mixture of marabou, and krystal flash, and the large spun deer hair head which gives full impact to the effectiveness of this fly. As with all warm water flies, stripping the Black Deer Hair Diver is key. This fly can be stripped fast to achieve more depth, or kept at the surface level to avoid under water snags by stripping slower.