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Hopper, Chernobyl, Tan-Black

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A relative of the Chernobyl Ant, the Tan-Black Chernobyl Hopper simply works, even when it defies reason. The fly's foam body floats on even the roughest of currents and the bugginess of this fly draws fish, especially big fish, out of hiding.

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Orange Butt Tarpon Fly

Orange Butt Tarpon Fly

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A very effective pattern with a medium quick sink rate, from Keys Artist and Master Fly Tier Tim Borski. This pattern is tied "Keys Style" with the head mid-way down the hook shaft. The striped or barred Craft Fur tail is what makes this pattern tick when combined with the squirrel tail collar it makes the pattern come alive in the water.

Leech, Egg Sucking, Purple, Salmon Hook

Leech, Egg Sucking, Purple, Salmon Hook

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