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Bunny Leech, Purple

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A large profile leech pattern, this Purple Bunny Leech fly will get attention from a distance. Cross cut and Zonker style rabbit strips give this fly a lifelike pulsating action proven to stimulate strikes from trout, salmon, bass, and a variety of other species.

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Burgin Bugger, Cone Head, Olive

Burgin Bugger, Cone Head, Olive

Your price: $2.45

This is a newer version of the classic Bugger tie. The Olive Cone Head Burgin Bugger incorporates a realistic two tone tail, a flashy krystal chenile body and lifelike rubberlegs. These features along with the cone head give it a natural look that resembles sculpin, leeches, crayfish and more making it one of the most versatile streamers available. Every angler should have Buggers in their fly box and the Burgin Bugger should be at the top of the list.

Scud, Amber

Scud, Amber

Your price: $1.50

Fly anglers often overlook this color, but the Amber Scud has proven to be extremely effective in any water having scuds or crustaceans. This Amber color will match a dead scud, a scud carrying eggs and also imitate small crayfish. It is a very effective pattern to fish when a river flow is rising or fluctuating. The rising water will flush scuds off of the bottom. Large fish will often key specifically on scuds due to their high food value. This color also works great in water where there are spawning fish.