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Zonker, Lead Eye, Gold-Natural

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Zonker flies have gained a pretty nice reputation for catching big fish. The Natural Gold Lead Eye Zonker is perfect for clear waters when you need a really natural and subdued color to imitate the local baitfish.

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Chironomid Pupa, Emerger, Bead Head, Red Rib

Chironomid Pupa, Emerger, Bead Head, Red Rib

Your price: $1.65

The Red Bead Head Chironomid Pupa Emerger Fly is an extremely effective stillwater pattern. Fish will often target chironomid pupae as they swim toward the surface to hatch. Chironomids have gas trapped along there abdomen as they begin the emerging process. This pattern perfectly imitates the midges in this stage. Lake fishermen have found this to be one of the most productive patterns for suspending below an indicator or dry fly and it will work in deep water as well. Almost every freshwater fish will feed on chironomids and at times it seems it is the only thing they will eat.

Krystal Flash Bugger, Red

Krystal Flash Bugger, Red

Your price: $1.75

The addition of red krystal flash to the popular wooly bugger has made this fly come alive both in the depths of your favorite trout lake and in your local trout stream. It may be stripped on a sinking line in still water or swung across current in river situations. This fly has quickly become a must have in any fly fishers box.