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Matuka, Rabbit, Brown

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Matuka style streamers have been around for a while but continue to produce excellent results. A realistic profile gives this Brown Matuka Rabbit Fly the silhouette and impression of a fleeing minnow and the rabbit strip adds tons of fish catching movement.

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Blue Winged Olive, Comparadun, Baetis

Blue Winged Olive, Comparadun, Baetis

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The Baetis Comparadun Fly is a very effective pattern for selective fish. The subtile colors of this fly closely match natural mayflies found on the water and fish respond with strikes that will test light tippet.

Banded Shrimp Tan

Banded Shrimp Tan

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You can't fish for bonefish or permit without thinking about crabs and shrimp. Both of these fish work the flats eating crustaceans as they move along. Successful anglers start with the right size and color fly. The fly also has to hit the water with a minimum of commotion but still sink quickly. This fly is a must have for any serious salt fisherman.