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Batman Nymph, Bead Head, Purple

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The Batman Bead Head Purple Nymph is a very effective attractor pattern. The lifelike profile and realistic features of this fly match a number of different items fish feed on. The bright colors attract fish in most conditions and the weight of the bead is helpful when nymphing or using this fly as a dropper. Pressured fish often seem to be less hesitant to eat patterns they do not regularly see and anglers are quickly finding unique patterns like this will give tremendous success.

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Stillborn Midge, Black

Stillborn Midge, Black

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The Black Stillborn Midge is a proven pattern for midge emergers. The thin, white foam and hackle keeps the top of the fly on the surface while the body of the fly hangs from the surface film. Keep some on hand in each color and size you'll be glad you did next time "noses" start to appear sipping midge.

Black Gnat

Black Gnat

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The Black Gnat Fly probably had a home in your father's and possibly grandfather's fly box. This classic and very effective pattern continues to be a productive fly on both moving and still water. The Black Gnat is mostly fished as an attractor but will work as a midge or dark colored mayfly.