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Zebra Midge, Maroon, Glass Bead

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The Maroon Zebra Midge is a midge pattern quickly coming into its own among Midge fishermen. Midge fishing is many times a demanding arena that not only requires delicate presentations with fine tippets, but equally the right fly pattern to bring success. The Maroon Zebra Midge can be drifted in the deeper runs, or hung off a dropper just under the surface to those suspended feeding fish. This is a Midge pattern that needs some space in your fly box. Give it a try and see the results.

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The simple process of wrapping wire around a hook creates a perfect silhouette of a midge larvae. The addition of a buggy looking head and bead has made this one of the most successful nymphs ever. The Red Bead Head Brassie is an effective attractor and one of the best midge larva patterns around. Chironomids are one of the most important food sources in many waters, for this reason the Red Brassie will work year round almost anywhere.

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