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Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead

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This lifelike pattern tempts the strikes out of the pickiest trout. Ideal in spring creeks, streams and rivers. The Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead gets the fly down in the water column quickly. This is a must have for picky trout feeding on the tiny insects.

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Gypsy King, Variant-Stone

Gypsy King, Variant-Stone

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This Gypsy King, Variant-Stone fly uses a simple but very effective approach of tieing hackle over the top of the foam body to give the fly CRAZY ACTION when viewed from underneath. It makes a deadly Stonefly, Hopper, Cricket, and about 100 other tasty treats. We love to fish the Gypsy King for a lot of different applications. It is a unique fly and it just seems to "get 'em!"

Pale Morning Dun Emerger, RS2

Pale Morning Dun Emerger, RS2

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PMD's - or Pale Morning Dun Mayflies - are a summer Mayfly that on many waters can be fished from July through September. The hatches can be exciting to fish, especially if you have the right fly pattern with the correct presentation. The RS2 Pale Morning Dun Emerger is a PMD pattern you shouldn't be without during such periods. Tried and proven, the RS2 Pale Morning Dun Emerger is a fly that can truly be the tipping point between a day just fishing and taking in the scenery and a day actually moving some fish.