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Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead

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This lifelike pattern tempts the strikes out of the pickiest trout. Ideal in spring creeks, streams and rivers. The Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead gets the fly down in the water column quickly. This is a must have for picky trout feeding on the tiny insects.

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Sparkle Pupa Emerger, Bead Head, Olive

Sparkle Pupa Emerger, Bead Head, Olive

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The Bead Head Olive Sparkle Pupa Fly is designed to match an emerging Caddis as they appear underwater. The antron case imitates the gas bubble Caddis have to help propel them to the surface. When Caddis are hatching fish will move out of their way to inhale this fly. The Sparkle Pupa patterns can be fished as a dropper, on the swing or as a nymph in deep water. The many different colors and sizes allow you to match any emerging Caddis on your local waters.

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Humpy, Wulff, Yellow

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A hybrid of the classic Royal Wulff dry fly and Humpy, this Yellow Wulff Humpy combines the best of two of the most successful attractor flies in fly fishing history. High riding and easy on the angler's eye, it's fish taking abilities demand you have a few of these attractor flies in various sizes in your trout fly box.