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Rubber Midge, Red

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The Red Rubber Midge is a simple, sparsely dressed Midge pattern. Many times simple can be deadly effective and this fly fished to midging trout can be just such a pattern. Suspended as a dropper just under the surface or presented delicately drifting in the deeper water section the Red Rubber Midge can be a successful pattern in your midging pursuits.

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Copper John Nymph, Bead Head, Copper

Copper John Nymph, Bead Head, Copper

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The Copper John Nymph Bead Head Copper is a popular and effective pattern has taken the fly fishing world by storm. This fly sinks quickly and can be used as a deep nymph or a dropper. Fish seem unable to resist the combination of color, flash, and realistic shape. it is best fished where mayflies or stoneflies are common and even works in certain lake situations.

Spawning Shrimp-Natural

Spawning Shrimp-Natural

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