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Midge, CDC, Tan

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This Tan CDC Midge is among the very best adult midge patterns available. It works well when fished early in a midge hatch or when midges are available to trout but not mating. Larger sizes also work well for fish taking chironomids on lakes.

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Zonker, Black

Zonker, Black

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The Black Zonker is one of the most effective streamers available. The black rabbit and body create a dark silhouette that will work in any water condition. The sleek profile will imitate a minnow or a leech and simply catches fish. This snag resistant fly is a good choice for stripping along the bottom and is a very effective pattern when fishing with nymphing techniques.

Pulsating Caddis, Olive

Pulsating Caddis, Olive

Your price: $1.50

This Pulsating Caddis, Olive pattern was developed by Jim Pettis, a guide on the lower Sacramento River, in 1993. The fly can be used in both streams and stillwaters. The term 'pulsating' comes from the combination of the beads and the dubbing material which give off a pulsating effect when moving within the water column. The fly can be used throughout the season from April through October. This is an extremely effective pattern wherever there are caddisflies.