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Midge, CDC, Black

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This CDC Midge Fly is among the very best adult midge patterns available. It works well when fished early in a midge hatch or when midges are available to trout but not mating. Larger sizes also work well for fish taking chironomids on lakes.

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Zonker, Lead Eye, Silver-Dark Olive

Zonker, Lead Eye, Silver-Dark Olive

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The Lead Eye Dark Olive Silver Zonker is a favorite color combination for matching baitfish in your stream, river, or lake. This classic rabbit strip fly has tons of movement and this lead-eye version will stay down deep where the big boys hang out.

Cicada, Criss Cross

Cicada, Criss Cross

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The Criss Cross Cicada will make the fish jump jump. It was born on Utah's Green River, one of the only places in the world with a cicada hatch nearly every year. This awesome bug will bring big fish up from deep and is perfect to fish on the Green or any time you hear these big ugly bugs buzzing in the trees. The Criss Cross Cicada is also a great cricket imitator that is perfect for a dry-dropper rig.