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Egg, Unreal, Orange - Red Bead

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The Orange Unreal Egg Fly is one of the most realistic roe patters available. The internal red glass bead gives the fly a 3D effect and mimics a fertilized egg exceptionally well. The color combination of this fly is great for catching fish in almost any water condition.

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Barr Emerger, Bead Head, Pale Morning Dun

Barr Emerger, Bead Head, Pale Morning Dun

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The Bead Head Barr Emerger Pale Morning Dun Fly matches the early stages of a hatching mayfly. Created by John Barr, it can be fished deep as a nymph, through the middle of the water column, or just under the surface. This emerger closely resembles a Pale Morning Dun or a light colored mayfly but it will work on many waters all year long. The weight of the bead makes this a great pattern to drop off of a dry fly. The flash from the bead matches natural gas bubbles emerging mayflies have and will help the fish single out your fly among the naturals.

Sofa Pillow, Salmon Fly, Stonefly Adult

Sofa Pillow, Salmon Fly, Stonefly Adult

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Anglers eagerly await the famous "Salmon Fly" hatch which is most commonly found on rivers in the Western part of the United States. When these large stoneflies hatch, it creates a feeding frenzy that fish, birds and even animals take part. Stoneflies are an easy meal with excellent food value and they will pull even the largest fish out of there hiding places. TheSofa Pillow, Salmon Fly, Stonefly Adult Fly is perhaps the most popular salmon fly pattern being used today. The large amount of hackle and elk hair used on this fly make it float very well. These materials give it a unique impression on the water, hard to match with synthetic materials and fish take this pattern vigorously.