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Egg, Unreal, Light Chartreuse - Red Bead

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The Light Chartreuse Unreal Egg is one of the most realistic roe patters available. The internal red glass bead gives the fly a 3D effect and mimics a fertilized egg exceptionally well. The color combination of this fly is great for catching fish in almost any water condition. This color is exceptional when the fish have been spawning for some time and they are seeing lighter colored eggs.

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St. Joe Favorite

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The Blue Winged Olive of all the species and sub-species of Baetidae are one of the most varied and common insects in American waters. The numbers of trout flies that represent these are legion and include some of the most common and well-known patterns. However, on the world renowned St. Joe River in Norther Idaho, this pattern reigns supreme. It';s unique pattern catches fish like no other pattern we have developed. Try it on your home waters and bring more fish to the net! Discover what the secret of the St. Joe can do for you

Chironomid Pupa, Emerger, Bead Head, Red Rib

Chironomid Pupa, Emerger, Bead Head, Red Rib

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The Red Bead Head Chironomid Pupa Emerger Fly is an extremely effective stillwater pattern. Fish will often target chironomid pupae as they swim toward the surface to hatch. Chironomids have gas trapped along there abdomen as they begin the emerging process. This pattern perfectly imitates the midges in this stage. Lake fishermen have found this to be one of the most productive patterns for suspending below an indicator or dry fly and it will work in deep water as well. Almost every freshwater fish will feed on chironomids and at times it seems it is the only thing they will eat.