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Mahogany, Comparadun

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The Mahogany Dun Comparadun provides a great mix of lifelike silhouette, visibility, and buoyancy. Many fly fishing experts go straight to comparaduns when a mayfly hatch brings up actively rising trout. This fly pattern floats in all but the fastest and roughest stream currents and trout seem to prefer this fly to many of the traditional hackled patterns. Fly fishers around the world should consider this a staple fly where Mahogany mayflies are present.

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Polywing Spinner, Cream

Polywing Spinner, Cream

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Polywing Spinners are especially effective after the hatch when fish seem to rise consistently but refuse traditional patterns. At this time fish are often feeding on spinners or spent mayflies. Subtle changes in presentation is often what separates angling success. Changing to a fly with a different profile is the key to consistency. When the fish are selective the profile of a translucent poly, xelon or zelon wing shows a realistic impression that will make a tremendous difference.

Frog, Swimming, Yellow Belly

Frog, Swimming, Yellow Belly

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The Yellow Belly Swimming Frog is one of the most versatile and realistic frog patterns available. This fly works excellent as a surface frog, but when the fish will not eat it on the surface, it will dive and swim when it is stripped. The unique shape of the Swimming Frog is trimmed from spun deer hair. This combination creates a swimming action that no other fly can duplicate. The stiff mono weedguard will allow you to fish the Swimming Frog through any kind of cover. The Yellow Belly Swimming Frog has a custom blend of colors that make it imitate a frog better than any other pattern we have found. Swimming Frogs will imitate a wide variety of prey that large fish will seek out. Though it will work on most predatory gamefish, it is very effective on any of the Bass species as well as Pike and Musky.