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Bright Buddy-Chartreuse/White

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The Bright Buddy-Chartreuse/White series is a wonderful baitfish immitation. It can be cast to everything from Striped bass, to Coho, to Musky…..and everything in between. Wherever fish are feeding on baitfish, you'll need your buddy

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Egg, Late McRoe

Egg, Late McRoe

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The Late Mcroe Egg Fly is a great roe pattern for waters that have spawning fish. This color will work in most conditions but is especially effective in clear water and near the end of a spawning season. We have found this to be a super color for catching Steelhead and Rainbow Trout. Whether you are fishing a famous Steelhead run, your local river or even the gravel point on the nearby lake, the fish have learned that these glowing orbs are an tasty meal. Fish that are not spawning will hold in areas near the spawning fish and sometimes even travel with migrating fish for the opportunity to eat their misplaced eggs.

Gotcha, Deep Water

Gotcha, Deep Water

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Many anglers consider the Deep Water Gotcha to be one of the best Bonefish patterns ever developed. This is a proven Bonefish fly that is well known over all saltwater flats and unique in it’s effectiveness with shallow flats and nervous fish. The lighter dressing makes it an ideal pattern for skinny water, and less likely to spook the fish you may be stalking. The Deep Water Gotcha is a definite must if Bonefish are on your list of fish to hunt.