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Jumbo Critter-Blue/Black

Item #: 615019879
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The Jumbo Critter is tied with highly attractive color schemes. Dumbbell eyes get it down. Stinger-hook design keeps the hook toward the rear of the fly and improves hookups and hookup-to-landing ratios by eliminating the ability of the fish to leverage the hook and pop it free.

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Fish Taco-Black

Fish Taco-Black

Your price: $2.95

Fish Taco casts easy, moves well in light winter inside flows and won't spook fish in low water. Fishes well on sink tips to put us in the steelhead zone.

Hot Shot Leech-Purple/Black

Hot Shot Leech-Purple/Black

Your price: $2.50

Every fisherman has their own “Go To” fly for when trips out to your favorite waters get tough. The weather might be rotten and the bugs could be biting, but this special fly separates you from all the rest who go home with their tails between their legs. The hot head leech and its cousin the hot shot leech are one of our favorite go to flies