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Jumbo Critter-Blue/Black

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The Jumbo Critter is tied with highly attractive color schemes. Dumbbell eyes get it down. Stinger-hook design keeps the hook toward the rear of the fly and improves hookups and hookup-to-landing ratios by eliminating the ability of the fish to leverage the hook and pop it free.

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Barr Emerger, Blue Wing Olive

Barr Emerger, Blue Wing Olive

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The Barr Emerger Blue Wing Olive Fly matches the early stages of a hatching mayfly. Created by John Barr, it can be fished deep as a nymph, through the middle of the water column, or just under the surface. This emerger closely resembles a baetis or blue winged olive mayfly but it will work on many waters all year long.

Bitchin' Stitchin' Coho Fly

Bitchin' Stitchin' Coho Fly

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Named after the owner of the Andersen Island Lodge outside of Cordova, Alaska, Boris' Bitch'n Coho Fly is a study in the beauty of simplicity. Extra limp silver or gold Flashabou creates an undulating target that will draw aggressive silver salmon from the waters of Alaska's glacial and tidal rivers and streams. Fished with a floating or intermediate sinking line with an irregular retrieve on the swing, this fly will get a hit on almost every cast! Place it on the edge of schooling silvers and you'll watch them literally knocking heads trying to grab it all day long!