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Gettin' Jiggy Shrimp

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Another sweet Popovic's pattern that is tied inverted so it is weedless & works well in many saltwater situations.. These are critical pattern on all flats. They are weighted nicely and can be jigged along the bottom with no worries. They tend to be quite strong and durable. Perfect for flats fishing. Epoxy Coated over our super or Unique Hair and come with our durable silicone Leggs.

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Bonefish Bitters, Chartreuse

Bonefish Bitters, Chartreuse

Your price: $2.95

The Bonefish Bitters is a productive and durable epoxy pattern for bonefish and other flats species. It can imitate small crabs or urchins, and drives bonefish crazy. This fly will catch fish in a variety of locales including Mexico and Belize.

Half & Half, Chartreuse/White

Half & Half, Chartreuse/White

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The Chartreuse White Half & Half is a combination of two famous saltwater patterns. It has the realistic body of the Deceiver and the lead eyes provide a lifelike swimming action like a Clouser minnow. These features together have made the Half & Half one of the best big fish patterns around.