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Trude, Lime

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The Lime Trude is a classic fly fishing fly that won't go out of style. The down wing provides fish with a different silhouette than most attractor flies and can work when stoneflies and caddis are about on the trout stream. Fly fishermen from Alaska to Argentina have found Trudes to work when other trout flies seem to be ignored by fish.

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Ray Charles, Tan

Ray Charles, Tan

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The Tan Ray Charles is an excellent sow bug nymph for streams and rivers where visibility is limited. The flashy shell back and realistic legs make this a can't miss fly for scud and sow bug rich tailwaters. And, yes, it does catch fish in Georgia, oh Georgia.

Lightning Bug, Gold

Lightning Bug, Gold

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This baby is solid gold! Or at least the fish act like it is. The Gold Lightning Bug is a very visible variation of the original shiny nymph that broke the mold. The Gold Lightning Bug works anytime a visible nymph is called for, but seem to especially excel when fished deep on bright sunny days.