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Trude, Adams

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The Adams Trude is a visible fly pattern that will never go out of style. The down wing provides a silhouette that imitates insects like Stoneflies, Caddis and Moths and is easy to see. Trudes work in all types of water but are especially effective in pockets and on small streams. The Adams Trude is a great choice for low light when flies are difficult to see.

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Scud, Bead Head, Orange

Scud, Bead Head, Orange

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Fly fishers in many places are finding that Orange Bead Head Scuds are very productive trout flies. Some large fish key specifically on scuds because of their high protein content. Scuds excel in nutrient rich waters with vegetation and are especially effective in tailwaters and spring creeks. The Orange color can imitate a dead or dying scud and is a very effective fly when rising water flushes the bottom of the river. This color also works great in water where there are spawning fish.

Flexi-Girdle Bug, Adult, Brown

Flexi-Girdle Bug, Adult, Brown

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Need to attract a fish's attention? The Flexi Rubber Leg Girdle Bug is your dry fly. This multi-legged creature of a terrestrial fly attracts more attention than a Hollywood star out on the town. Fish this fly any time you need to pull big fish up from the bottom, or use it to float a heavy dropper fly in a dry-dropper rig.