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Deceiver, Yellow-Green

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This classic saltwater baitfish streamer popularized by Lefty Kreh has caught fish for years and continues to produce all around the world. This Deceiver, Yellow-Green fly is a muti-purpose baitfish pattern that has proven effective on almost any saltwater species. Several colors and sizes should be in every fly box even for those anglers going after some of the more predatory freshwater species.

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The Undertaker Salmon Fly was created with Atlantic salmon in mind but has a following among steelheaders as well. It is useful in low light situations and is a great pattern to use when fish seem to be striking short.

Damsel Fly, Parachute, Blue

Damsel Fly, Parachute, Blue

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Nothing in stillwater fly fishing matches the excitement of casting adult damsel flies in shallow water. The Blue Parachute Damsel Fly floats well, is easily seen and is one of the top performing patterns. Try casting one of these to fish cruising weed edges and shallow flats looking for a tasty mouthful and hold on.