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Bass Popper, Redhead, Red

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Red is a great and proven color for tempting predatory fish by giving the impression of a bleeding prey item. The Redhead Red Bass Popper and pike fly is also very colorful and creates a commotion that will draw fish up from deep. Try casting this fly into gaps in cover and twitching it a few times to catch a fish's interest.

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Zonker, Lead Eye, Silver-Grizzly

Zonker, Lead Eye, Silver-Grizzly

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The Lead Eye Grizzly Silver Zonker is a very attractive minnow imitation. This classic streamer has tons of pulsating movement as it swims and it is a really good fly for large trout, bass, and many other species.

Blue Winged Olive Emerger, RS2

Blue Winged Olive Emerger, RS2

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Baetis or Blue Winged Olive Mayflies are both a spring and fall hatching insect, critically important to trout. The hatches can be exciting to fish, especially if you have the right fly pattern with the correct presentation. The RS2 Blue Winged Olive Emerger is a Baetis pattern you shouldn't be without during such periods. Tried and proven, the RS2 Blue Winged Emerger is a fly that can truly be the tipping point between a day just fishing and taking in the scenery and a day actually moving some fish.