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Bone Shrimp

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This wonderful Bone Shrimp Saltwater Fly is enough to drive bonefish nuts in a variety of locations around the world. This well-dressed Bone Shrimp pattern rides with the hook up for a natural retrieve and maximum hook ups!

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Yuk Bug, Bead Head, Pepperoni

Yuk Bug, Bead Head, Pepperoni

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This somewhat crazy looking Bead Head Pepperoni Yuk Bug doesn't resemble, well, anything really. It does however look tasty to aggressive trout in both rivers and lakes. The Yuk Bug is a great fly to use when you just need some attention (works better than YouTube). Fish in lakes like it fished on a sinking line with short quick strips and it can be a great panfish bug. We don't recommend this taste test, but the Yuk Bug has scientifically proven that it's not yucky to 98 out of 100 fish.

Crystal Midge, Black, Tungsten Bead

Crystal Midge, Black, Tungsten Bead

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This lifelike pattern tempts the strikes out of the pickiest trout. Ideal in spring creeks, streams and rivers. The Crystal Midge, Black, Tungsten Bead gets the fly down in the water column quickly. This is a must have for picky trout feeding on the tiny insects.