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Spawning Shrimp-Natural

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The Spawning Shrimp is a great shrimp imitation by Enrico Puglisi. At spawning time, some shrimp species exhibit an orange egg mass, imitated by the orange yarn on this fly. A must have in any fly box

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Bone Wiggler, Tan

Bone Wiggler, Tan

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There are a number of different proven Bonefish patterns, but the Tan Bone Wiggler combines the best features of many different patterns to create one deadly fly. To a flashy body like that on a Gotcha this pattern adds lifelike speckled silicone legs. Like a Mini Puff the bead chain eyes are wrapped with crystal chenille to create a finished head. The long tapered synthetic tail with highlights of krystal flash make the Bone Wiggler swim and move naturally in the water. These features along with a light mono weed guard make this a pattern you want to be sure to have for Bonefish and other saltwater fish feeding on shrimp or small crustations.

Pheasant Tail, Purple

Pheasant Tail, Purple

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