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Skunk, Hot Butt

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This Hot Butt Skunk Fly is a flashy pattern that hardly resembles its classic cousins the Green Butt and Traditional Skunk. It is an good pattern to use when water turns a little cloudy or when you just need more flash.

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Ant, CDC, Black

Ant, CDC, Black

Your price: $1.85

Black CDC Ants are great searching terrestrials and also work well when blind cast where fish are likely to hold. This black ant fly also works well when presented to rising fish that refuse other offerings. A fish that begins feeding on ants will often key on them even when they aren't noticed drifting in the water. This high floating and visible pattern is among the best ant dry flies available.

Blue Winged Olive, Para Wulff

Blue Winged Olive, Para Wulff

Your price: $1.50

No one can argue the success of Parachute flies but this fly is an upgraded version of the popular style. The horizontal hackle and the split tail gives the fly a more realistic profile on the water and by adding two split "Wulff" style wings the Para Wulff Blue Wing Olive is one of the easiest patterns to see on the water. The flashy Mylar rib adds a lifelike segmenting that grabs attention and imitates gas bubbles of emerging insects like Mayflies and Midges. These features together make this a fly fish can't pass up.