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Prawn, Purple

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Shrimp are not usually part of a salmon's diet once it moves into fresh water. Even so, the Purple Prawn Flies seem to trigger something in a fish's memory that makes it strike.

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Caddis, Rock Roller, Bead Head

Caddis, Rock Roller, Bead Head

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The Bead Head Rock Roller is a perfect match for a Caddis larva cased in a gravel shell. The body of spun rubber legs mixed with flash has been trimmed to match the exact taper of the Caddis case. Trout, Whitefish, Grayling and most cold water fish find this pattern irresistable. The Rock Roller is most successful when fished as a nymph and is a great pattern for the colder months.

Midge, Parachute, Tan

Midge, Parachute, Tan

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The white post on this Tan Parachute Midge allows it to be seen even in riffled water. In the correct sizes and colors this fly also makes a great trico or baetis pattern when tiny mayflies are hatching.