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Cricket, Letort, Black

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Black Foam Cricket Flies are proven fish catchers although nobody ever seems to see them fall into the water. This fly floats well and shows the fish a realistic silhouette.

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Starlight Leech, Chartreuse

Starlight Leech, Chartreuse

Your price: $2.35

Much like the Hot Shot, the Chartreuse Starlight Leech takes everything that is good about the Bunny and Egg Sucking Leeches and adds weighted eyes and a neon head to get it down to where fish hold in deeper pools or swift currents and get their attention.

Peeking Caddis Pupa, Cream

Peeking Caddis Pupa, Cream

Your price: $1.50

The Cream Peeking Caddis Pupa Fly is one of the top patterns for imitating a cased caddis. The natural materials used on this fly make it a versatile pattern that will work in almost any water. Most anglers drift the peeking caddis like a nymph but it will also work as an effective emerger pattern.