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Black Bear, Green Butt

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The Green Butt Black Bear Fly is an effective and attractive traditional steelhead and salmon pattern. It is useful wherever fish chase darker swinging patterns.

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Prince Nymph

Prince Nymph

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The Prince Nymph is a proven classic fly that will continue to be an effective fish catcher in most trout waters around the globe. The flashy peacock herl body entices strikes and the split tail and wing give the impression of a stonefly, backswimmer, or dark mayfly nymph. This fly may not imitate any particular trout food but it just looks like something tasty. It pays to carry several different sizes and varieties in the fly box at all times.

Brown Haze

Brown Haze

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Andy Carlson, a fly fishing guide on the Bitterroot River in Montana originated the Purple Haze fly pattern. The Brown Haze is a variation of the original with less purple in the pattern and more natural coloriton. This has been a very effective pattern in Montana and has become a popular dry fly in general. It is used to match Blue Wing Olives, Mahogany Duns, March Browns, Green Drakes, and Tricos.