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Adams Fly

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A classic dry fly, the Adams is an effective attractor fly and works to imitate mayfly and midges all over the world. It has been around since the early 20th century but is still among the top dry fly patterns in use today.

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Christmas Island Special, Yellow

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Developed for flats with heavy current and snaggy conditions the Yellow Christmas Island Special is one of the top producing bonefish patterns available. The heavier lead eyes make this fly sink fast and keeps the hook riding up for less snags. The combination of a flashy thin body and wing give this fly a silhouette that fish find hard to refuse.

Wooly Bugger, Purple

Wooly Bugger, Purple

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The Wooly Bugger is perhaps the most versatile fly in fly fishing. It can imitate or at least suggest any number of trout foods. Every angler should dedicate one or multiple fly boxes to the several colors and variations of this fly. The unweighted version is especially useful in stillwater situations where sinking lines are used and the bead head varieties can be used where a weighted fly is called for.