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Bunny Leech, Black

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A large profile bunny leech pattern, this fly will get attention from a distance. Cross cut and Zonker style rabbit strips give this fly a lifelike pulsating action proven to stimulate strikes from trout, salmon, bass, and a variety of other species.

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Adams, Hi Vis, Parachute

Adams, Hi Vis, Parachute

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A fortunate addition to the Adams line of trout flies, the Hi Vis Parachute Adams allows even the most near-sighted of fly anglers to follow the drifting fly on the water. The parachute silhouette provides a natural approximation of many mayflies and this favorite trout fly can also be used as an attractor pattern for fly fishing in both riffled and flat water.

San Juan Worm, Bead Head, Hot Pink

San Juan Worm, Bead Head, Hot Pink

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