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Sea Habit, Herring

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The Sea Habit Herring is a big and bold baitfish imitation that first proved itself on big billfish in the Sea of Cortez. It has proven its versatility, however, and is now used to catch everything from mahi mahi to tarpon and many other saltwater and even freshwater species that key on big baitfish.

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Blue Winged Olive, Tube

Blue Winged Olive, Tube

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The emergence of Blue Winged Olives is a rite of spring for fly fishermen. Over the years numerous patterns have been developed and evolved to imitate this beautiful Mayfly. The term selective trout is many times heard as part of the conversation when discussing Blue Wing hatches, and that is where the Blue Winged Olive, Dun, Tube-Fly can be a critical pattern in your fly box arsenal. Demanding fly fishing challenges found in tailwater and spring creek settings are better addressed with more impressionistic fly imitations, and the Blue Winged Olive, Dun, Tube-Fly with it’s unique extended body design is such a fly.

Zebra Midge, Tungsten Bead, Brown/Silver

Zebra Midge, Tungsten Bead, Brown/Silver

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The Brown/Silver Zebra Midge Silver Tungsten Bead is a pattern that has quickly earned great respect in the sport of fly fishing. The color of this pattern will match mayflies, midges and will work as a general attractor. Fly fishing usually requires a precise presentation, but having a great fly pattern always helps to bring success. The tungsten bead will sink quick and works great as a dropper off an attractor dry. This is a fly pattern that needs to be in every anglers fly box.