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Blue Winged Olive, Sparkle Dun, Baetis/Olive

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The Blue Winged Olive Sparkle Dunis a versitile pattern that imitates emerging or crippled mayfly duns. Fish will often key specifically on Mayflies in this vulnerable stage. Guides and avid dry fly anglers have made the Baetis Sparkle Dun one of the best selling BWO patterns around.

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General Practitioner, Purple

General Practitioner, Purple

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Double Midge, Olive

Double Midge, Olive

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The Olive Double Midge is a great mating or cluster midge fly pattern. This fly should be fished from the middle to the end of the midge hatch when fish are seen rising aggressively. Fly fishers on midge rich waters will learn that trout often ignore single adult midge patterns in favor of this fly.